Aplus Mini Market “Scarfosaurus” Radio

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aplus radio commercial

[Click to hear commercial] LYRICS: “OK, I’m on a blind date. Goin to the beach. It’s hot. Bumper to bumper. I’m like, you know, talkin’ it up. After a while, she says, “I need a drink…” So I pull into the nearest Aplus Mini Market. And I tell her “I know this party animal inside who’s got a huge drink … Read More

Sunoco Food Markets “Catch the Sun” Radio

kMjEgill1116 Radio

Aplus radio advertisement

[Click to hear commercial] LYRICS: “I can see it, I can feel it; it’s just around the bend. I’m searching for the easy life, where the best things never end. Chorus: “Catch the Sun–Sunoco food markets It’s so easy when I’m on the run Catch the Sun–Sunoco food markets Feels so right when I head for the Sun “I’m looking … Read More

Aplus Mini Markets “Big Shot” Radio

kMjEgill1116 Radio

Aplus radio advertisng

[Click to hear commercial] LYRICS: “OK, listen up! You probably haven’t noticed, but right now you’re a little thirsty, and your throat’s a little dry. Go ahead–take a swallow. Throat a little scratchy? I thought so. And chances are you don’t have a cool, refreshing drink in your hand. But you could be holding one right now, if you’d stopped … Read More

Aplus Mini Markets “Ticket to Convenience” Radio

kMjEgill1116 Radio

aplus mini market radio advertisement

[Click to hear commercial] LYRICS: “When we need to take a time out for refreshments and more, Aplus Mini Markets is the place we take off for. The Aplus Mini Markets is our 24-hour a day ticket to convenience–Atlantic Aplus Mini Markets, all the way! “So when you’re in a hurry, take it from us fans No one scores more … Read More